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CN-101294090-A: 一种煤沥青的精制方法 patent, CN-101294144-A: Type II streptococcus suis sa1KR gene knockout mutant strain, preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-101295033-A: Turning tools and method patent, CN-101295903-A: 串激式电机定子串绕线包的绕线装置 patent, CN-101296095-A: Association charging control method and communication system and charging system patent, CN-101297460-A: Electric motor and winding method patent, CN-101297790-A: Zaltoprofen sustained-release preparation and preparation thereof patent, CN-101297951-A: Pellet for soothing nerve and releasing depression patent, CN-101298116-A: 一种用于激光材料加工的非同轴定位装置及方法 patent, CN-101298238-A: Bumper with integrated energy absorber and beam patent, CN-101298281-A: Long distance darting live-saving equipment patent, CN-101298320-A: 一种利用轻油裂解尾气制备过氧化氢的方法 patent, CN-101299090-A: 超柔8字型室内布线光缆 patent, CN-101300465-A: Method and device for monitoring the dynamic behaviour of a rotating shaft, in particular of a gas or steam turbine patent, CN-101301216-A: 定角式持针器 patent, CN-101301555-A: 具有加湿功能的空气净化器 patent, CN-101301713-A: 一种双锁紧装置的法兰定位器 patent, CN-101301845-A: 漏气保用轮胎 patent, CN-101302033-A: 使用多种还原剂热蒸发制备氧化锌微/纳米结构的方法 patent, CN-101302313-A: Polyethylene-based moisture absorbing composite material and preparation thereof patent, CN-101302567-A: Ironmaking blast furnace hydrocyclone fluidized strengthen water-cooled wall apparatus patent, CN-101302625-A: 节能型电解锌用阴极板的制造方法 patent, CN-101302982-A: 一种机动车油门开度传感器 patent, CN-101303206-A: 一种节能型通讯基站方舱散热装置 patent, CN-101303251-A: Automobile fuel capacity photoelectric sensing display patent, CN-101303825-A: Pixel circuit and display device patent, CN-101305241-A: 金属网、金属网的布置以及照明方法 patent, CN-101306641-A: Weather strip and method for manufacturing the same patent, CN-101306668-A: 端部成形的车顶沟模制件 patent, CN-101306885-A: 一种焦化含硫废水的资源化处理方法 patent, CN-101306887-A: Agent formulation for domestic waste desludge and purification and use method patent, CN-101307084-A: Synthetic process of decitabine patent, CN-101307685-A: 长冲程液压抽油机 patent, CN-101307715-A: Motor vehicle with linearly regulated engine fan patent, CN-101307936-A: 空调 patent, CN-101308119-A: 一种微量肝组织体外孵育进行cyp450酶活性检测的方法 patent, CN-101308680-A: Optical information recording medium patent, CN-101309430-A: Video image preprocessor on basis of FPGA patent, CN-101310664-A: 可自动移动的地面集尘装置 patent, CN-101311133-A: Tank type electroosmosis sludge soil reproducing method and device thereof patent, CN-101311487-A: 永电磁锁 patent, CN-101311737-A: 晶圆质量控制方法 patent, CN-101311868-A: Tip-off thermostatic control device and its control method patent, CN-101312234-A: 用玻璃料密封的玻璃外壳及其制造方法 patent, CN-101312255-A: 一种电池的装配方法及该方法使用的电池装配装置 patent, CN-101312280-A: Radio frequency coaxial semi-rigid cable curve type package assembly patent, CN-101312620-A: 多层基板金属线路制造方法及其结构 patent, CN-101312699-A: Absorbent product patent, CN-101313282-A: Backup and restore of file system objects of unknown type patent, CN-101313378-A: 电容器 patent, CN-101313384-A: Apparatus and method for wet-chemical processing of flat, thin substrates in a continuous method patent, CN-101314126-A: Steam cracking catalyst, preparation and application thereof patent, CN-101314252-A: Time-delay drawing protection technical apparatus for injection mold slide block thimble and inclined jacking block thimble patent, CN-101314335-A: Infinitely adjustable two-way head restraint patent, CN-101314341-A: 车辆用外后视镜装置 patent, CN-101314542-A: 氧化铈/氧化钇复合氧化锆纳米粉体及其生产方法 patent, CN-101314952-A: Water droplet generating system and method for generating water droplet patent, CN-101314968-A: 抗地震建筑物弹性构件 patent, CN-101315575-A: 用于固定插入式组件的装置和方法 patent, CN-101316446-A: Method and system for implementing authentication with fixed network access patent, CN-101316458-A: 音频转换器用振动体和扬声器装置 patent, CN-101316913-A: 由原位热处理生产的液体生产烷基化烃的方法 patent, CN-101317106-A: 光散射膜、制备它的方法和使用它的制品 patent, CN-101317248-A: Self-aligned pitch reduction patent, CN-101317598-A: 初生到6个月婴儿液态乳及用注入式直接灭菌的制备方法 patent, CN-101317958-A: Medicament for treating uarthritis, that is Tongfengning capsule and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101317982-A: Method for preparing capsule for cooling liver, removing wind, clearing heat and relieving spasm patent, CN-101320303-A: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program patent, CN-101320682-A: Method for improving ohm contact performance of metal-P type semiconductor patent, CN-101323377-A: Three-arm type noncooperative target docking mechanism patent, CN-101323479-A: 羟基化钴在水处理中的应用 patent, CN-101324569-A: 谷氨酸诊断/测定试剂盒及谷氨酸浓度测定方法 patent, CN-101324842-A: Method for layering fingerprint recognition system software patent, CN-101325056-A: Method for smoothly moving zoom image in an assembled wall patent, CN-101325099-A: 信号传输用电缆及多芯电缆 patent, CN-101325324-A: Anti-icing method for overhead wire based on real time operation mode patent, CN-101325697-A: Method for rapidly browsing remote sensing image of hand-hold equipment patent, CN-101326278-A: 用于产生生物气的发酵罐内生物质的输送装置 patent, CN-101326304-A: 氧化镓-氧化锌类溅射靶、透明导电膜及其形成方法 patent, CN-101328195-A: Method for separating sucralose-6-ester patent, CN-101328340-A: 2.5p 6/7 颜料的组合物及用此组合物制备颜色表征物的技术方法 patent, CN-101328446-A: Litsea cubeba nucleolus deep-processing and comprehensive utilization process patent, CN-101329379-A: 电子组件引脚的探测装置及探测方法 patent, CN-101330125-A: Magneto-resistance effect element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording/reproducing device patent, CN-101330352-A: 一种流媒体传输自适应码率控制方法 patent, CN-101330567-A: Television kinescope field output circuit with neck-cutting resistant function patent, CN-101330598-A: Method and system for managing video as well as monitoring/diagnosis method thereof patent, CN-101330890-A: Apparatus and method for making pre-fastened absorbent undergarments patent, CN-101331428-A: Display module patent, CN-101331662-A: Method and apparatus for multiple control screens patent, CN-101332120-A: 具有光学透明、导电尖端的消融导管 patent, CN-101332273-A: 一种中老年人食疗两用的中药药物组合物 patent, CN-101332320-A: Disposable centrifugal plasma separator patent, CN-101332498-A: 一种制作铜带的方法及其设备 patent, CN-101333114-A: 一种高导热率氮化铝陶瓷基片的制作方法 patent, CN-101333726-A: 设计针织品的设计装置 patent, CN-101333895-A: Motorcycle lock locking mechanism patent, CN-101333929-A: 双层双叉型超静定液压支架 patent, CN-101334327-A: 压力传感开关 patent, CN-101335333-A: Luminous element, luminous device, electronic device and manufacturing method of luminous element patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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